“A GRADE FRUIT” is a fruit trading enterprise engaged in first-class distribution of fruits imported from Thailand in China.



We grow our Fruits


We do our own manufacturing


We always sourcing for new products

Currently, we have established cooperation relation with Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, counting for 80% of sales volume of imported fruits in China, 5 partners specialized in imported fruit, Hunan Changsha Hongxing Fruit Wholesale Market, the largest first-level wholesale market in central China, with Xiangtan Kingsun City, a market with strong advantage in traffic location, and with 8 partners specialized in imported fruit in Jiangnan fruit wholesale market. In addition, our company has directed to the terminal market covering large and medium fruit chain stores in central China and at present, has conducted cooperation with 6 direct-supply distributors and operated the first first-level imported fruit wholesale E-commerce platform in China.

By adhering to the management tenet of “satisfy the customer and repay the society” and the development idea of “specialize in fruit picking and business operation, provide supply and demand service”, “A GRADE FRUIT” have gathered the professionals engaged in fruit business operation, formed an independent professional team specializing in commodity procurement, import declaration, and distribution & delivery, and in addition, we have our own freshness preservation refrigeration houses and distribution & transportation vehicles. To rigorously control product quality, we have comprehensively established commodity quality supervision and management system in accordance with fruit industry standards.

As a professional supplier of fruits imported from Thailand, “A GRADE FRUIT” have defined Young Coconut as the core base after years of research on producing area and base development, and committed to provide Chinese consumers with the best quality Thailand Aromatic Young Coconut.

In addition, the Vacuum Bag Easy Drinkable Polish Fresh Coconut are also the business focus of “A GRADE FRUIT”, and the company has reached cooperation agreement with export association of Thailand, selected 3-5 amongst more than 100 farm members as Young Coconut production bases for perennial cooperation.

Currently, “KTCS Destination Management Limited HK”., the commercial institution of “A GRADE FRUIT”, has been established and will be pleasantly to provide the excellent products and services in China’s fruit industry. At the same time,“A GRADE FRUIT” is looking forward to the in-depth cooperation with imported fruit distributors in various provinces and cities in China.