A Grade Coconuts

“A Grade Fruit” young coconut company was established in Samut Sakhon , southern province of Thailand, the tropical climate and ideal soil conditions plus water rich in organic matter forbetter growth and performance of the coconut palm, we select and control the best to distribute health benefits of young coconut to the world “aromatic coconut” is a fruit that is outstanding for the taste of its water and delicious sweet meat. its uniqueness is “aromatic” qualification that other breeds do not have. the aromatic substance in this coconut is 2-acetyl-1-pyrro:ine(2-ap),same as that in jasmine rice and pandan leaves. the water and meat of aromatic coconut also contains minerals , vitamins , hormones and antioxidants that benefit everyone.
The food and agriculture organization of the united nations promotes he coconut water as a sport drink aromatic coconut is popular among consumers, this breed is found only one place of the world, Thailand, according to the announcement of the ministry of agriculture and cooperatives, it is “prohibited” for breed export it is preserved for planting in kingdom of thailand only aromatic coconut was a conventional bleeding from the native’s coconut. the appropriate areas to plant are Damnoen Saduak district
Ratchaburi, ban Phaeo district, Samut Sakhon, Sam Phran district, Nakhon Pathom and Amphawa district, Samut Songkram because coconut palms require warm conditions for successful growth, and are intolerant of cold weather. the aromatic could be less if planting far from these appropriated areas

The aromatic coconut from Thailand is internationally popular because of its sweet fragrance and flavor, as well as its great health benefits. the coconut’s aromatic
quality can only be grown in a few select provinces in central Thailand, the land is situated between two major rivers of Thailand which is abundant in natural resources as vital minerals, rich soil and a surplus of available water. because of the soil’s superior fertility and the presence of year-round sunlight, this area is best suited for growing aromatic coconut palm. it is unique in producing coconuts throughout the year. as a result, our aromatic coconut juice is distinctively fragrant, sweet, refreshing, and healthy.