Coconut Processing Steps

1. harvested coconuts are sent to the packing house.
2. the green coconuts are graded and controlled of quality accordance with appropriate official procedures.
3. peeling off the green portion and trimming the coconuts to the diamond shape with a knife, peeling off the green portion can remove soil and reduce microorganism that  contaminated from farm.
4. the final product has a flat bottom, round body with a pyramid top with a knife. peeling off the white portion can remove soil and reduce microorganism residue.
5. to prevent browning and mold growth on the husk surface, coconuts are dipped in
6. after that they are transported from the QC area to the wrapping area. drying area or QC
room and packing room
7. wrapping with shrink film (food grade) and sticking with brand sticker. for quality  control, all the coconuts are inspected to ensure no re-infestation and reinfection from our trained staff.
8. finished products are packed in carton box and stored in chilling room. normally, final products are transferred to reefer container which controls the temperature and inspected the container loading before export to customers.