Factory and Farm

Apart from our fertile farming area, another important consideration is the great care and expertise given to the planting and maintenance of the coconut crop. all of our skilled farmers are long-term residents who are highly familiar with growing this particular coconut. every step from selecting the qualified seedlings, to the appropriate time for planting, to inspecting the coconuts in compliance with the standards of good agricultural practice (GMP), to harvesting at the most suitable time for the finest flavor and the highest nutritional value is under strict observation. This guarantees that each aromatic coconut is natural, hygienic, and safe for each and every consumer.

Not only do we care about the raw materials, but attention is also focused on the procedures used in production. our safety standards are directed towards the material received, the trimming, the packaging (operating in a closed system according to gmp standards), and the hygiene of the workers. once the production procedure is finished, coconuts are stored under the proper temperature to ensure freshness. all of this is done under a strict inspection and quality control. our aromatic coconuts are internationally guaranteed by GMP, HACCP and halal standards.